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          The Company is established in 2007, is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, the use of advanced production technology pioneered the development of artificial stones flower (Rose / Camellia / Chrysanthemum / Peony / hibiscus flowers, and other series), the traditional carvings (Goddess of Mercy / laugh Buddha / brave / Pearl / Lunar New Year series), various interfaces beads and other products.
          We have excellent carving production technicians, set design, production and sales.

          Companies with a strong production capacity, good quality products sold around the world, taking the leading position in the industry, we uphold the customer first, forge ahead in the production and management philosophy. Constantly improve the production technology, development of product range to meet market demand.
          Our products can do all kinds of jewelry, clothing accessories. Jushi pendant, Office Decoration, family and cultural decoration, mobile phone bag strap and so on. But also a variety of products according to customer requirements.
          Company imitation coral series, imitation turquoise, imitation ivory, imitation lapis lazuli and other precious stones amethyst glass products. Bright colors, rich novel.
          Welcome new and old customers letter calls business negotiations.

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